Positioning exercise

People often describe 34 elements as a sort of accelerator online. Having run an accelerator/pre-seed fund in the US, I am well positioned to debunk this statement.

Selection Criteria

Accelerators are looking for VC fundable startups. Their program is geared toward a demo day where startups pitch to an audience…

Silicon Valley is an $840 billion economy. Replicating it isn’t easy but as we live increasingly online, the digital world now provides an opportunity that wasn’t there before.

Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash

I am a citizen of the world. French by birth, I lived 17 years in San Francisco, and the rest in Europe where I managed different companies in 9 countries. This experience gives me a unique perspective on cultural and business differences.

Every country wants to become the next Silicon…

Pierre Gaubil

CEO @ 34 Elements and General Partner @ The Refiners

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